• The Mathematics Association “Math@matores” was formed in 2012
  • The Association is divided into 4 teams namely Allium, Acacia, Bouvardia and Begonia to create a versatile skills among the students. We also have a team Lunaria for Post graduate students to reinforce research knowledge and implement curricular aspects among students
  • The team Allium focus on team building activities like Math Sketching, Dumbcharades etc.,
  • The team Acacia aims at developing personal skills through activities including Debate, Elocution, Essay writing.
  • To foster the fine arts talents among the students the team Bouvardia conducts cultural activities such as Group and Solo song, Dance, Flower arrangements etc.,
  • Team Begonia blooms as social awareness creating team which builds a social responsibilities among the students through various outbound programme.
  • The mission of the association is to explore math beyond text books, which extends to make our vision of sculpturing the abilities of students to mark success in future during their academic year.
  • Despite activities the associations putforth the knowledge of various aspects of Mathematics through numerous seminars, workshops and guest lecturers.