English Language Forum

The English Language Forum, called the ELF is a maiden venture made by the Department of English, Sri Krishna Arts and Science College. It reinforces the communicative skills and develops the creativity of the students. The focus of interest shifts gradually from those areas which are familiar to students to those, in which they ought to develop interest.

The ELF is the brainchild of the students, motivated by the students and for the students. The EFL eases the anguish of students over the language skills and urges them to make a conscious effort to enrich their creative and communicative skills and also to boost their confidence by culling their hidden talents.

The ELF provides a platform for students to mould themselves in various ways. Many seminars and competitions are conducted for students concentrating on not only their Communicative Skill and Spoken English but also Personality Development, Personal Hygiene, Self Defence programmes, Interpersonal relationships and values in Education. The ELF invites dignitaries and personalities and conducts workshop to help the students in their development.

The ELF provides a play ground for the students by conducting many competitions, contests and programmes that tap and motivate students who lack confidence and shy away from active participation. There are many students who would like to prove, excel themselves and are anxiously waiting for a chance. ELF, thus, provides a place for them.

The virtues of hard work and energetic creation are exemplified in the form of a magazine, titled IMPRESS every year. The ELF aims at providing confidence, elegance, finesse, grace and refinement in students.