English Literary Forum


Shakespearianza is a celebration of the timeless works of William Shakespeare. This event invites students to delve into the Bard's rich tapestry of plays and sonnets, encouraging them to interpret and perform these classic works. Whether it's a dramatic recitation, a modern reinterpretation, or a creative performance, Shakespearianza is a platform for students to showcase their understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare's genius.

Voice of the Anti-hero

Voice of the Anti-hero explores the complex and often misunderstood characters in literature – the anti-heroes. This event allows students to engage with and present narratives from the perspective of these complex characters, offering insights into their motivations and actions. It's a unique opportunity for students to explore the grey areas of character development and moral ambiguity.

Roll a Story

Roll a Story is an innovative and dynamic storytelling event. Participants are given a set of prompts or elements – characters, settings, conflicts – and are challenged to weave these into a coherent and engaging story. This event tests creativity, spontaneity, and narrative skills, offering a fun and interactive platform for budding storytellers.

Elfiesta: Intercollegiate Festival of Fantasy and Mythology

Elfiesta is an intercollegiate celebration that brings together students from various institutions to revel in the wonders of fantasy and mythology in literature. This event transforms into a grand stage where participants from different colleges unleash their creativity through elves, dragons, gods, and monsters. It offers a plethora of categories including creative writing, dramatic performances, and art, providing a mesmerizing platform for students to explore and exhibit their interpretations of mythological and fantastical elements. Elfiesta is not just a competition; it's a vibrant confluence of imagination, bringing together diverse talents in a fantastical journey through the realms of myth and fantasy.

Zhagarlish: Intercollegiate Linguistic and Literary Fiesta

Zhagarlish is an intercollegiate event that celebrates the intricate beauty and complexity of language. Welcoming participants from various colleges, this event is a linguistic battleground where students engage in playful yet intellectually stimulating contests involving words, idioms, and language structures. Zhagarlish is designed to challenge and intrigue the minds of budding linguists and literary enthusiasts. Participants get the opportunity to create and present thought-provoking pieces of writing, showcasing their prowess in linguistic creativity. This event is a testament to the power and versatility of the English language, providing a platform for intercollegiate competition and collaboration in the realm of literary arts.

Judge a Book by Its Character

Judge a Book by Its Character is a unique and insightful event where students dive deep into the psychology and development of characters in literature. Moving beyond the creation of book covers, this event challenges participants to embody and reflect the essence of a character from a given story or theme. It's an exercise in understanding and interpreting literary characters, allowing students to showcase their grasp of narrative elements and character development. Participants are encouraged to use their artistic skills, critical thinking, and empathy to create presentations or performances that capture the spirit and journey of these characters. This event provides a profound exploration of the intricate relationship between a character's journey and its impact on the narrative.


Storyboard is a creative workshop where students develop and present visual storylines. Participants create sequential art or storyboards that narrate a story or concept. This event emphasizes visual storytelling skills, encouraging students to think about narrative structure, pacing, and visual communication.

Lit Gala Expo

Lit Gala Expo is not just a literary exhibition but a fusion of literary prowess and entrepreneurial innovation. In this grand event, students have the opportunity to display a wide range of their literary works, including poetry, short stories, literary analyses, and critiques. What sets this expo apart is its unique inclusion of entrepreneurial ideas alongside literary creations.

Participants are encouraged to showcase not only their writing talents but also their entrepreneurial spirit. They may present business plans, startup ideas, or creative projects that stem from or are inspired by their literary works. This could include concepts for publishing startups, literary-themed cafes, book-related mobile apps, or any innovative venture that bridges literature with the world of business.

The Lit Gala Expo serves as a dynamic platform for aspiring writers, scholars, and budding entrepreneurs. It allows them to exhibit their creative and business acumen, engage with a community of like-minded individuals, and receive valuable feedback from peers and professionals. This event is a celebration of creativity, where the power of words meets the excitement of entrepreneurial ventures, providing a unique and enriching experience for all involved.

Rhetorical Synchronos

Rhetorical Synchronos stands out as an innovative event centered around the art of rhetoric, with a unique twist. In this challenge, participants are presented with a video, and their task is to provide a creative and insightful commentary on it. This event goes beyond traditional debates and speeches, testing students' ability to think on their feet and use language in a compelling and imaginative way. Participants must employ their rhetorical skills to analyze, interpret, and comment on the content of the video. This could involve critiquing its message, discussing its relevance to contemporary issues, or even spinning a creative narrative inspired by the video. The aim is to use persuasive language, wit, and critical thinking to engage the audience and convey their viewpoints effectively. Rhetorical Synchronos is not just about understanding the video; it's about connecting with it in a way that showcases the participants' creativity, analytical skills, and mastery of rhetoric. It's an event that celebrates the power of words and the art of insightful commentary, making it a dynamic and intellectually stimulating experience for both participants and the audience.