College Leadership

Chairperson and Managing Trustee

Smt. S. Malarvizhi, the Chairperson and Managing Trustee, plays a pivotal role in establishing a hallmark for Sri Krishna Institutions. Being a beacon for the institution, she leads the Sri Krishna Institutions towards academic excellence. She is well - aware of all the boundaries of the academic field, as she had started her career as a teacher.

Smt. S. Malarvizhi, promptly seized the colossal possibilities and prospectives of the transcending edification and tutoring structure in India, to meet the paramount demand of the rapidly growing academic economy. With Smt. S. Malarvizhi’ s quick-witted leadership style integrated with her focus on effective operational excellence, SKI’s repute escalated and triumphed, crowning the charts in the education sector in every spectrum within a span of three decades, . The curator of SKIs, Smt. S. Malarvizhi has five institutions under her wings, which includes two engineering colleges (Autonomous and Accredited by NAAC), two arts and science colleges and an aided polytechnic college. More than 23,000 students pursue programs in these institutions ranging from undergraduate to doctorate in Engineering, Technology, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce, Business Management and Applied Sciences. In addition to building world-class autonomous institutions where eminence blends with prominence and excellence confluences with brilliance in a relatively short period. She also serves as the Founder Chairperson and CEO of an IT Services firm and a rapidly growing retail distribution chain of luxury kitchen and interior furniture products. Her magnificent vision, valor, dexterity and reliance in Indian values had influenced many young edu-preneurs to imbibe Smt. S. Malarvizhi as their role model and mentor.