Department of Computer Science



The Department is headed by Dr. K.Devika Rani Dhivya, M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D., who has 9 years of teaching experience. She has presented 23 research papers in National and International Conferences and published 32 research articles in National and International journals. She has organized several Seminars, Guest Lectures, workshops and outreach programmes.

The Computer Science Department, founded in 1997, has been an avant-garde force in shaping future tech leaders. Anchored by a faculty dedicated to diversity, innovation, and academic rigor, the department has evolved into a dynamic hub of learning and research. Faculty members shine with publications in esteemed international and national journals. A vibrant community of students, with over 100 contributing to global journals and actively engaging in conferences. Many workshops and guest lectures are organized in latest areas of Computer Science to inculcate new concepts into the practice of the students. This helps the students to keep in touch with the current updates of the industry in and around the globe.

The department offers B.Sc CS and B.Sc SS programs. The department envisions not just education but a holistic transformation. A commitment to advanced technical knowledge and instilling human values sets the department's vision apart. Cutting-edge computer labs equipped with Android Studio, Python, and R Programming foster hands-on learning. Department believe that the approach of teaching-learning, coupled with practical experience gained during Industrial exposure Training in reputed organizations, equips our students to handle the trials posed by the software industry. Our Department has produced hundreds of professionals resulting in accolades as they have consistently excelled in the highly competitive industrial environment, Best Employer/ awards in top-ranking companies.

The department embeds social responsibility in its ethos, encouraging students to contribute to societal welfare. We work hard to maintain the Department as a fair environment for learning, working and research. Alumni consistently excel in top-ranking companies, a testament to the department's focus on fundamental adaptability. The belief that strong fundamentals equip students to navigate the ever-changing tech landscape remains a guiding principle.

As the department continues to shape technologically adept and socially responsible individuals, it remains committed to adapting, evolving, and setting new benchmarks in computer science education. Embark on a journey with us, where knowledge meets innovation, and every student is a catalyst for positive change.

Programmes in the Department


    • B.Sc Computer Science
    • B.Sc Software Systems

    Best Practices

    • Inventathon
    • Hackathon with Agile Sprints
    • Digital Story Board