Department of Psychology



The year 2018 marked the establishment of the Department of Psychology. Its core mission revolves around creating a learner-centric environment, offering value-based education, enhancing students' communication abilities, and sensitizing them to various contemporary psychological tools. The department's program is designed to empower individuals to realize their complete mental, physical, and emotional potential. Furthermore, it fosters creativity, scientific thinking, and environmental sensitivity.

Psychology Lab

The Psychology laboratory is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to conduct a wide range of psychological experiments and assessments. Assessments play a crucial role in comprehending human behavior. In order to train students in assessments and interpretation, we have established a well-equipped laboratory that is equipped with state-of-the-art psychometric tools. These tools enable us to assess various aspects such as Intelligence, Personality (Objective and Projective), Interest, Aptitude, Cognitive processes, Psychophysics, and Perception, among others.

Training and Development

The department is dedicated to enhancing students' knowledge and keeping them up-to-date through the Proprium series, which includes guest lectures, seminars, and workshops conducted by experts in the field. A unique practice offered to students is training in intervention and counseling techniques, providing them with hands-on experience.

Research knowledge and its practicality are fundamental to any graduate program. To equip our students with research skills, the department utilize the following methods:
1. Capstone Project: This project aims to showcase a student's mastery of a specific subject or field of study. It serves as a culmination of their knowledge and skills acquired throughout their degree program.
2. Minor Research Projects: These projects provide students with an introduction to the research process, allowing them to familiarize themselves with it.
3. Major Research Projects: These projects involve students undertaking a scientific endeavor where they identify a problem and seek to answer a research question.
In addition to promoting academic excellence, the department of psychology also places great emphasis on holistic personality development. One of the department's crucial roles is to provide psychological support to students. Counseling and guidance services are available to any student in need of emotional support.
To enhance the learning experience, the department employs innovative teaching techniques such as audio-visual aids, paper presentations, Socratic seminars, group discussions, article reviews, collaborative learning, peer-assisted learning, case analyses, and self-management projects, among others.

Counselling Services

With the motto of “HANDLE YOUR TROUBLE , ONE AT A TIME”, we provide a safe space for counseling in the department where a student can explore his/her thoughts and emotions. Our experienced counsellors are here to support in navigating academic challenges, personal growth and overallwell being.Through a combination of theoretical applications, practical exercises, therapies and experiential learning opportunities, students and professionals delved into the nuances of the counseling process. Drawing from various therapeutic approaches and interpersonal skills, students honed their abilities to establish rapport, empathize, and thus we focus on facilitate client-centered growth. With a focus on ethical considerations and cultural competence, the counseling was approached as a collaborative endeavor aimed at empowering individuals to navigate life's challenges and foster holistic well-being
“You will grow into the most beautiful strong personality this time”

Departmental Magazine

The department’s yearly magazine, 'Parivartana', serves as a platform for students to express their ideas and artistic abilities. Derived from the Sanskrit term for modify, Parivartana signifies the act of actively engaging and finding pleasure in the process of behavioral transformation. Students contribute their written pieces, poems, artwork, photographs, and games centered around the chosen theme for the year.


During the fifth semester, students are required to participate in a supervised internship program that spans 45 days. This program focuses on their specific area of specialization. In the past, students have had the opportunity to intern in various settings such as schools, psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and industries.

Services offered by the Department

  • Faculty Development Program.
  • Faculty Development Program.
  • Resource Person to colleges and schools across the country
  • Assessments
  • Individual counselling
  • Aptitude testing and career counselling