Department of Mathematics



The Department of Mathematics is headed by Dr. D. MAHESWARI, M.Phil., PGDCA, PGDAOR, B.Ed., Ph.D., with a consistent teaching experience of 23 years. Her area of specialization is fuzzy optimization. She has presented and published many research articles in various reputed journals. She has organized seminars, guest lectures, workshops, and hands-on training sessions on current technologies.

  • The Department of Mathematics was bloomed in the year 1997 and the undergraduate program was started in 2012.
  • It aims to enrich young aspirants with Mathematical knowledge.
  • To cater the needs of modern times the Post Graduate program with Big data was started in the year 2015.
  • The department is empowered with Talented and Experienced team of faculty members who strive hard to seed the sound mathematical background to students through which they can seek the successful career opportunities.
  • To meet the Technical skills put forth by Enterprises we provide different software packages such as Matlab, Open Foam etc.,
  • To meet the needs of IT sectors we provide the computerized knowledge to students which stands as a part of our curriculum.
  • Inspite we also provide Accounting knowledge to cultivate Enterprising skill among them.
  • Through Edutainment organized by Class advisors and Tutors we make education easy through activities including Poster Presentation, Skit, Puzzles etc.,
  • Every Month we celebrate Mathematician‘s day to showcase the Mathematical concepts and its applications to various departments in the college.
  • The Department consistently encourage students to write articles for journals and present papers in intercollege competitions..
  • Alumni Interactions are made to build a healthy relationship among Skacians.
  • The department is in its process of signing a MOU with industries, so that this helps students for their internships.
  • Every semester students undergo online certificate courses offered by SWAYAM-NPTEL.

Department Programmes

  • B.Sc Mathematics
  • M.Sc Mathematics with Bigdata
  • Ph.D Mathematics