Department of Computer Applications



The Department is headed by Dr. B. Anuja Beatrice MCA., M.Phil., Ph.D who has 23 years of teaching experience. She has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication and enthusiasm for research, consistently contributing to a plethora of research papers presented at both national and international conferences. She has published her research work in various reputed National, International conferences and International Journals.

The Department of Computer Science and Applications was established in the year 2012. Right from the inception, the curriculum is taught by distinguished faculty members combining academic excellence and real-world experience with dedication and commitment. The department scales with innovatively designed programs which constantly get updated to meet the challenging requirement of the industry and stakeholders. We are proud to see many industries coming back to our department, which sustain to meet the dynamic corporate world. All faculty members have presented and published Papers in journals and conferences. During study at the department, the students are motivated to bring up their hands-on experience through internship projects and few students presented and published papers in conference.

The Vision of the department is to create a conductive environment which reinforces students in both academics and placements. To advance the state of the art in computing on cutting edge research topics, publishing quality research papers. The department incites consultancy and extended services to serve the local and the national community through students and faculty members. Also, to be in the frontier of computer science for creating a brand equity and brand image by carrying out activities underlying with the motto.

The mission of the department is to provide high quality professionals and to foreground the basic principles in computer science to meet up industrialist and stakeholders. Value added education induces moral and ethical values in our students to serve the community which we belong.

1. Our students have access to jobs from various sectors such as a software developer, IT, Banking and Consultancies etc.
2. Students have excellent employment opportunities in both private and government Sector.
3. Students can pursue for higher education.


  1. B.Sc Computer Science and Applications
  2. Bachelor of Computer Application