Department of Commerce Computer Applications



Dr.J.Vijimol,,Mphil.,Ph.D. has 18 years of teaching experience and has published 17 research papers in National and International publications. Her area of research is marketing.

The Department is committed to professionally equip students with the application of Computers and business analytics. The programmes in the departments aim to create leaders who are committed to excellence and optimal utilization in the fields of commerce and computers. The Department was commenced in the year 2000 with B.Com CA and in 2008 with B.Com IT and in 2018, the journey continued with B.Com Business Analytics.

The Department organizes several national conferences, guest lecture, FDP and outreach programmes

Programmes in the Department

  • B.Com Computer Applications
  • B.Com Information Technology
  • B.Com Business Analytics

Best Practices

  • M2D Newsletters on Stock, Shares, Investments and Analytics
  • ComIT Expos
  • Product Launch
  • Business Quiz
  • Startup Showcase
  • Thinking Hats


  • CMA United States with Miles Education

The Department is committed to produce competent and qualified graduates to meet the needs of organizations in all sectors, and ensures principled & productive citizens who can bring out the positive and proactive changes through innovative and creative essentials.