Yeniliksi Association Activities


Seminar - Data Analysis - 30/06/17

Resource person – Ms.ManjuPriya,Data Analyst,WIPRO- Coimbatore


Web Design Seminar on July 3rd

Resource person –Mr.Suryaprakash,Web Designer,Vertica-Cimbatore


Rap Session on July 8th

Resource Persons are :

  • Mr.Santhosh, Alumnae of SKASC
  • Mr.R.Akshay, Business Analysist,BAPP,SE & Solutions
  • Mr.K.W.Rijo,Process Executive ,CTS, Coimbatore
  • Ms.M.S.Roshini, System Executive Cognizent,Coimbatore
  • Mr.R.Prashanth,Process Manager,Robert BoschEngineering & Business Solutions
  • Mr.Joyel,ProcessExecutive ,CTS,Coimbatore
  • Mr.S.Dinesh,Software Engineer,CAPGemini
  • Ms.C.S.Janane, Coordinator ,HR, CTS,Coimbatore
  • Ms.S.Kavya,Associate Software engineer,CTS, Bangalore



Mr.Rijo,Process Executive @CTS ,Coimbatore


Mr.Akshay ,Business Analyst


Ms.Kaviya, HR@CTS ,Bangalore


July 12,14 –Photshop –Seminar

Resource person – Mr.Nirmal ,Process Executive,Accenture


Association Inauguration- 22/07/17

Seminar – Excel Macro – 01/08/17

Resource person - Ms.S.Nagashankari,Asst.Proff.Department of CSA & SS


Resource person -Mr.Joyel Prince, Process Executive ,CTS, Coimbatore


Resource person -Mr.VinodKumar,Process Executive CTS, Coimbatore


Campus Drill –Only You can Change Your range", for all Final year students on 19.08.17

Resource person – Mr.SanthoshKumar, Alumnae of SKASC


Edutainment for II BSc CSA’B’ on 31/08/17


Academic Appreciation Award – 23/09/17


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